High Net Worth

Take the greatest of care with your assets with high net worth insurance

Our experts at Archenfield Insurance can help you take care of higher value assets and possessions, with a high net worth policy which is designed to encompass them at once.

This differs from a standard household insurance policy whereby you would normally make note of particularly valuable items. Doing this for art collections or antique furniture may work out to be a more expensive, less efficient way of insuring your home and contents.

With a high net worth policy, you can also cover your family vehicles and travel, as well as sympathetic restoration if something does happen to an expensive piece of furniture or a classic car.

We can help you choose a high net worth policy that’s right for your home, by offering our guidance on a number of independently selected packages that are closest to your requirements. If these can be tailored to a better fit, our advisers can negotiate with the insurer on your behalf.

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