From boatyard to open water – your work and vessels can be protected all the way

Marine insurance can be regarded as a more niche area of insurance, but there are plenty of vessels and businesses around the country that are in need of it. Our professionals at Archenfield are here to provide it, and from our base near Cardiff Bay, it’s an area we’re very familiar with.

A marine insurance policy can help you if you’re a self-employed engineer, boat builder, marine trader, or occupy another role in the industry.

It can protect against accidents on board or while repairing, any premises where you keep your boat, and more specialist features including insurance for paint and coatings.

If you’re curious to see what marine insurance policies are available to us and how these may benefit you and your work, our experts at Archenfield are here to talk you through different features and premiums, to see which is going to work best for your requirements.

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