Contractors and Tradesmen

Ready yourself for your projects with the right protection

When vying for business, it’s important as a tradesman or contractor that you’re fully prepared for any work you’re due to undertake. That, in part, includes having the right insurance.

Contractors insurance or tradesmen insurance ensures that you can manage the protection of your equipment, materials, staff, and any buildings you’re working on, as well as accounting for your liabilities, such as injury to members of the public.

Our experts at Archenfield can help you make sense of the many features included in such policies, ensuring you don’t have any unnecessary or excessive cover, but enough to fully accommodate your requirements.

We here to help whether you’re looking for full-time insurance protection for your work, or one-off cover for a specific project, and our in-house claims service are available to support you from the moment you purchase your insurance.

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